Nevada First Business Suites

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Business Telephone Service                  $26.95 Monthly paid quarterly
                                                             $200.00 Annual cost paid Annually                                                        
Business Telephone number with listing or forward your existing number, receptionist answering service during business
hours 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. week days for no charge, voice mail 24/7, all calls transferred to private voice mail, all voice
mail messages are automatically transferred to any (customer designated) telephone number or pager number in
the U.S. Quarterly payment required to activate telephone service. All services are activated immediately upon
 confirmation of payment.

Business Listing;

How do you want the business name to appear?_____________________________________

Phone Answering;

Reception Answering Service is normally answered with the company name and "how may we help you". After the caller makes their request the call is transferred to the customers private voice mail.

"Do not  answer" calls go directly to voice mail with notification.
Standard message or answered with standard corporate greeting or
____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Forwarding Instructions: If you have chosen to forward your number to VM all instructions of notification are

Voice Mail Messaging also you will be able to designate the area code and number all messages should be
forwarded to,  and the hours messages may be delivered.

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

Special Instructions:

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

It is understood that the office identity services are provided on a monthly basis and that NFBS takes no
responsibility for the actions of the client and those services. Payments received are not refundable.

Payment of______________ is processed by Credit Card (Visa etc.)_________________

CC No .____________________________________________Exp. Date___________ CCV______

Numeric portion of the credit card billing address (i.e. 210 Main Street)__________, and Zip code___________

or enclose a check and  mail to 3050 W. Sirius Ave Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV  89102.

           I Hereby authorize the above checked services:


Signature_______________________________________ Date________________



City______________________________ State_______, Zip __________________

Telephone ____________________________Fax___________________________


Please Print and fax to 702-227-2222 or
e-mail to



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